BOZ was created in 1972 by Ricardo Bouroncle and Enrique Ortiz de Zevallos, athletes who were looking for the best wetsuit for surfing in the cold waters of the Peruvian coast.


Dissatisfied with the products offered in the market, they decided to develop their own interpretation of what a wetsuit should be, and thus BOZ was formed, branding the initials of their surnames, and becoming the first specialized surf brand in Latin America.

In 1987 Enrique sells his shares to Ricardo, who gives new impetus to the BOZ brand. Ricardo, a competitive surfer with international experience, designs the wetsuits with everything an athlete demands as the first priority: flexibility, warmth, comfort and durability were and always will be the first considerations for BOZ.

BOZ has been involved in the evolution of the most flexible neoprene materials, and the latest advances in joining and sewing processes, revolutionizing the way of crafting wetsuits worldwide. In 1996 BOZ was awarded by the prestigious American magazine Surfer’s Magazine.

Today, we continue to innovate our wetsuits by using fewer and fewer parts and joints, maintaining our distinctive quality craftsmanship, and working with the best material manufacturers around the world. BOZ is proud to be at the forefront in the development and design of all its products, exceeding the highest international standards, and being pioneers in our field in Peru for the implementation of eco-friendly materials.

Likewise, throughout its history BOZ has contributed extensively to the positioning of Peruvian surf culture, exporting to countries such as the US, Chile, South Africa, or Argentina, and by supporting or having supported dozens of the best Peruvian athletes ( see section “BOZ Champions”).

After 50 years, our philosophy has not changed: we are committed to making your experience in the water with a BOZ Wetsuit, the best you can have.

Throughout its 50-year history, BOZ is proud to support or have supported the following Peruvian athletes:


  • Aldo Ciccia
  • Álvaro Malpartida
  • Analí Gómez
  • Andrés Echecopar
  • Brissa Málaga
  • Carlos Sierra
  • Carolina Botteri
  • Carolina Butrich
  • Carolina Thun
  • César Aspillaga
  • Chendo González
  • Chino Malpartida
  • Cristobal de Col
  • Daniella Rosas
  • Enrique Ortiz de Zevallos
  • Felipe Pomar
  • Fernando Ortiz de Zevallos
  • Flavio Caporali
  • Gaberiel Vargas
  • Gabriel Aramburú
  • Gary Linden
  • Germán Aguirre
  • Gordo Barreda
  • Herbert Fiedler
  • Herbert Mulanovich
  • Iván Sardá
  • Ivo Berenguel
  • J.J Miró Quesada
  • Javier Swayne
  • Joaquín del Castillo
  • Juan José Corzo
  • Juancho Coriat
  • Junino Urcia
  • Kalea Guervasi
  • Lucas Garrido Lecca
  • Lucca Mesinas
  • Luis Carlini
  • Luis Eduardo Escudero
  • Luis F. Gómez de La Torre
  • Magoo de la Rosa
  • Maki Block
  • María Belén Bazo
  • Mariano Maugere
  • Mario Chocano
  • Martín Jerí
  • Mateo Frías
  • Max de la Rosa
  • Melanie Giunta
  • Miguel Tudela
  • Miky Álvarez
  • Miluska Tello
  • Mosca Callaux
  • Nadja de Col
  • Noelia Arata
  • Peter Hansche
  • Pocho Awapara
  • Rafael Navarro
  • Ricardo Cruzado
  • Roberto Meza
  • Salvador Voyset
  • Sean Goldszmidt
  • Sofía Mulanovich
  • Sol Aguirre
  • Tamil Martino
  • Tato de Romaña
  • Tato Gubbins
  • Titi de Col
  • Tomás Tudela
  • Vania Cassalino
  • Vania Torres
  • Wawa Paraud